The aviation industry covers a wide range of occupations: pilots, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers and dispatchers are some of the most well known. But there are also a lot of other aviation related jobs and careers as well beginning with airport and aviation support personnel such as millwrights, firefighters, security guards, reservation agents, freight agents and facility managers, to name just a few. Our goal is to provide you with information on the industry in general, but more specifically, on the many exciting jobs and careers that await you in the 21st century world of aviation here in Saskatchewan, and beyond.

Technical and Skilled Jobs

  • Flight Attendant   Has training in emergency procedures and ensures the safety and comfort of passengers.
  • Flight Follower   Assists in planning flights, monitors flights to ensure safety, and reports missing or overdue aircraft.
  • Airline Ticket and Reservation Agent   Makes reservations and/or sells tickets to passengers.
  • Customer Service  Assists passengers, checks tickets when passengers board and disembark an airplane.
  • Cargo Agent  Takes orders from shippers and arranges for transportation of goods.
  • Firefighter (Airport)  Provides a fire free escape in the event of an accident.
  • CARS Observer/Communicator  Provides services to assist local aviation activities at selected airport.


  • Airport Electrician   Installs, connects and troubleshoots electrical equipment and systems.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer  Inspects, repairs and is responsible for airworthiness of aircraft and aircraft equipment.
  • Electronic Technician   Maintains and repairs ground and navigation equipment.
  • Sheet Metal Worker   Repairs and fabricates aircraft components.
  • Millwright (Industrial Mechanic)   Installs, maintains and repairs industrial equipment.
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician   Cleans,  Lubricates, repairs and maintains heavy equipment.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator   Operates plough trucks, bulldozers, loaders, graders, towed sweepers and other heavy equipment.

Management and Supervisory Jobs

  • Pilot   Operates aircraft and ensures safe in-flight operations.
  • Base Manager   Plans, manages and directs the day-to-day air carrier operations of a specific site.
  • Airport Manager   Oversees all operations and maintenance of the airport facilities.
  • Flight Dispatcher   Plans flights, analyzes weather conditions, determines fuel requirements and provides weight and balance control.
  • Flight Service Specialist    Provides airport advisory, flight plan processing and altering, weather information and other related services.
  • Air Traffic Controller   Directs air and ground traffic at airports within controlled airspace
  • Operations Manager   Directs and controls the company’s maintenance and flight operations and ensures that all rules and regulations are followed.


  • Baggage Handler   Loads/unloads passengers’ bags.
  • Food Service Worker   Replenishes the meal service on the aircraft.
  • Airline Security   Performs airport security checks 
  • Ramp Attendant   Operates ramp-servicing vehicles; handles cargo and baggage, marshals and tows aircraft, and cleans aircraft interiors and exteriors.