Prairie Planes Magazine
Posted On:  Nov 9, 2016


Good Afternoon,

I am writing to let you know and experience a new digital, on-line magazine.

As friends and past subscribers to Plane Talk, I thought that you may be interested in receiving my latest endevour and publication, PRAIRIE PLANES

The magazine is about Canadian "Prairie Aviation" and will cover items of interest from across the Prairies.

As an example, it will cover both fixed wing and rotary aviation, from the plastic model builder, R/C, Flight Simmer and UAV pilot to the Student, Private, Commercial and Military pilots as well as our veterans.

Included will be topics on various aircraft, the AME / Flight Engineers and airport operators across the prairies as well as events coming up and going on.

We hope to rotate articles so that each issue will hold something of interest for everyone.


Prairie Planes will cover ALL aspects of aviation, from the model builder and flight simmer to the remote controller and UAV pilot.  The student and private pilot as well as the commercial pilot, military pilot and our veteran.

Join us now under one sky and let your fantasy of flight soar across the prairies and beyond.

Enjoy the OCTOBER 2016 issue.

Feel free to give feedback or share any stories or thoughts you may have.

If you do not wish to receive further correspondence from me at Prairie Planes just respond with the word STOP and you will be removed from the mailing list. 

Best Wishes and Blue Skies,
Tim Munro