General Aviation Safety Campaign From Transport Canada
Posted On:  Jun 29, 2017

The General Aviation Safety Campaign is a collaboration between Transport Canada and the general aviation community to promote flying safely.


There are three pillars to the General Aviation Safety Campaign:

  • Promote compliance with safety rules
  • Exchange safety best practices and encourage self-education
  • Use well-targeted inspections to verify compliance with safety requirements

Safety Topics

We will add safety topics throughout the campaign with feedback from the aviation community.

The first wave of safety topics include:

  1. Pilot Decision-Making - Accidents start in the planning stage; good decisions need to be made before flying begins.
  2. Mountain Flying - Transport Canada requires pilots to have the right skills and qualifications to operate in the environments they plan to fly in.
  3. Changing the Culture - Existing rules and regulations should be followed in order to encourage safety, not just because it is mandatory to do so.
  4. Shoulder Harnesses - Approved shoulder harness kits are available for certain aircraft; Transport Canada will promote their availability to aircraft owners and encourage their use where appropriate.


Transport Canada would like to thank the following partners for their continuing contribution to the campaign’s development:

  • Air Transport Association of Canada
  • Smart Pilot
  • Alberta Aviation Council
  • Aviateurs et pilotes de brousse du Québec
  • British Columbia General Aviation Association
  • Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
  • Civil Air Search and Rescue Association
  • Greg Sewell
  • Moncton Flight College
  • Manitoba Aviation Council
  • Saskatchewan Aviation Council
  • Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada

Transport Canada has partnered with SmartPilot to encourage information sharing with the aviation community. has a wealth of information including articles and videos for self-education on safety topics.

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)

Transport Canada is collaborating with the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) on developing and implementing this campaign.

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