Transition to ICAO NOTAM format and new NOTAM Series
Posted On:  May 29, 2019

Transition to ICAO NOTAM format and new NOTAM Series

As a NAV CANADA stakeholder, we value your relationship with us and strive to keep you informed of changes in service that may impact you.  As such, I am pleased to inform you that in the fall of 2019, NAV CANADA will transition to the ICAO NOTAM format.  As a result of this change, NAV CANADA will distribute all Canadian domestic NOTAMS using the ICAO format under new NOTAM series.

We are confident that the ICAO NOTAM format will benefit our stakeholders by supporting streamlined and pertinent pre-flight and in-flight briefings.  This move brings us into compliance with international standards and will eliminate the need for pilots flying international routes to be familiar with more than one NOTAM format. 

New retrieval guidelines will be provided closer to the transition date. 

The changes and new NOTAM format are described in the Briefing on the Transition to ICAO NOTAM Format and New NOTAM Series.  For a printable quick reference comparing NOTAM formats, see the ICAO NOTAM Format Brochure.  These resources are available on our Transition to ICAO NOTAM format and new NOTAM Series webpage

Runway Surface Condition (RSC) reports will remain unchanged until they are transitioned to ICAO format in the fall of 2020.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please director your queries to


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