Posted On:  Nov 4, 2019

Beginning November 20, 2019, flight service specialists providing services from FSS with wind instruments located on the aerodrome will no longer provide the choice of “PREFERRED” or “ACTIVE” runways to pilots during the provision of advisory information.

The specialists will now determine the runway to be used in the initial advisory based on the several criteria. Runway determination is based primarily on the runway most closely aligned into the wind when the wind speed is 5 knots or more.

The phraseology associated with the determination of runway will change from “PREFERRED” and “ACTIVE” runways to “RUNWAY”.

Many safety reports have indicated that runway incidents/incursions may have been prevented if flight service specialists at uncontrolled airports had phraseology to determine runways. In addition, pilots have documented recommending that flight service specialists determine the runway to be used to provide a more complete picture of the traffic situation and to provide further assistance to training pilots or pilots with low hours.

An aeronautical information circular will be published to officially announce the change.

If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Robertson, National manager, ATS Standards and Procedures at


FSS Determined Runway will apply at the following airports within the Winnipeg FIR





Prince Albert, SK (CYPA)

La Ronge, SK (CYVC)

Regina, SK (CYQR

Regina, SK (CYRL) outside of Tower hours of operation

Saskatoon, SK (CYXE) outside of Tower hours of operation

Brandon, MB (CYBR)

Thompson, MB (CYTH)

Churchill, MB (CYYQ)

Island Lake, MB (CYIV)


Kenora, ON (CYQK)

Red Lake, ON (CYRL)

Sioux Lookout, ON (CYXL)

Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) outside of Tower hours of operation

Pickle Lake, ON (CYPL)